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Battle Creek Used Cars – Road Rage has become one of the most serious problems in Western Society. The number of homicides and murders that occurred in court because anger on the road is quite terrible. I recently watched a segment on A Current Affair where someone was destroyed in an inch of their lives just because they cut someone else.

What, is the world really crazy!

There is no reason on this planet why someone should behave like an ape from a period of cavemen on the road. No one is so important that they have the right to take the life of another man or woman just because they cut your relationship. Sometimes someone cuts you will happen accidentally and some of our vehicle designs have many reasons for this incident.

Battle Creek Used Cars

As the owner of Ace Van Toyota Lite, the simple design of this vehicle has led me to find many dangerous blind spots where I can see effectively but many vehicle owners don’t know there is a blind spot, so we all need to give a little leeway when it comes to driving causes only because the design of the vehicle can cause an accident to break.

Look, we all make mistakes when we drive, nothing is perfect, but is it really a cut off incident that causes road anger or other underlying problems. In fact, most incidents of street anger that occur are just a way out for other things that happen in their lives. With this situation, when you are driving, you are the only one who can control YOU so it is important that you control your own anger and to help you do that I want to describe five strategies that you can use to help you with your own anger.

Strategy 1 – Leave Your Travel Time Enough

One of the biggest mistakes that people make during the day is not leaving enough time to travel from one appointment to another. Stress alone in carrying out a schedule is enough to make someone boil and personally if you are late then you should not be behind the wheel of a car. You are dangerous behind the wheel for yourself and others. One observation I did was that anyone who is late, always wants to do 10 kilometers above the speed limit and will be very aggressive and rude to those who want to do a speed limit.

Even one day I was driving, this guy became very aggressive and rude behind me just because he couldn’t force me to go. The speed limit on the road is 100 km per hour and we are in rural areas where there are no fences and livestock roam freely. I was fortunate to be at the Toyota Landcruiser which gave me a little size and protection. The individual in question finally drove his truck next to my vehicle and tried to push me into the river. Luckily being on a four-wheel drive gives me the ability to get out of the way and overcome this person. In the end, the individual was stopped by the police and charged with dangerous driving because police officers had seen the incident and gave me time to do legal restrictions. I was very lucky in the end because I could be killed that day. It turned out that the main reason for someone being so aggressive was because he was late going home to his wife. Instead of spending time, the police instead followed him and he wasn’t home for a while.

The moral of this story is to plan your day and plan to stay alive. If you have a calendar full of appointments for a day, make sure you count how long to go from one appointment to another. If you find that you cannot come to your next appointment on time, then just call the client and tell them that you are on your way, apologize and drive wisely, because remember life is not a dress rehearsal.

Strategy 2 – Chewing Gum

Every time I go with my parents when I am young, my parents always chew gum. Can never understand why but they do it. Well, a few months ago I read some new research about the value of gum and found that a combination of gum and listening to music, helped release alpha waves in your brain. These are alpha waves that are responsible for the feeling of calm that you feel, like when you whistle in a happy tone.

I recently listened to a researcher who helped students study for their high school exams and he found that students increased their learning abilities by as much as 30% by chewing gum in combination with their studies and listening to music. We

Strategy 3 – Reflect Before Traveling

Okay, I can hear it now, “Oh Yeah, Hippy, Want Us to Meditate huh?” Really! Look, while meditation has become part of a fringe group in western societies or related to eastern religion, many researchers now come to different conclusions that meditation can make a big difference to our daily lives and help us deal with stress, especially when traveling. Look, why not try meditation for only 20 minutes a day. This is a fantastic tool and when you become proficient in this field you will find that moving to the beginning of tranquility is very easy.

There are many different techniques to help you meditate and I definitely recommend meditation using Baroque music because we have found that it helps people who meditate to reach a point of peace far faster than other types of meditation music.

Let’s face it … if you are calm before getting into a car, then you have a much better chance to stay calm but if you run out of mind before entering the car, then with the stress of driving everything you have. going to do is run the risk of doing something silly.

Strategy 4 – Play Baroque Meditation Music during Your Trip

Playing music in the car can really help you maintain calm and is a great stress reliever while driving, but be careful with the type of music you listen to. You can find that certain music can actually increase your anxiety or stress while traveling. Researchers have found that Baroque Meditation music at 60 beats per minute will actually help release alpha waves in your brain and lead you to feeling calm. Combine this strategy with chewing gum and you will have a greater chance of defeating anger on the road than outside.

Strategy 5 – Have Photos of Your Family Seen

When fighter pilots fight, one of the objects they carry and wears their cockpit is a photograph of their family. The reason they do that is to remember in the heat of dog fighting exactly what they stand for. Sometimes when they go to a very steep dive, they may lose consciousness for a while because of the power of G and when they arrive at a photo of their loved ones jerking them back into place. Well just like a fighter pilot, I encourage all drivers to have photos of their loved ones on the dashboard of your car.

Next time someone cuts you and you want to run to the back of the car in front or give them for what, just look at your family photo for a while and remember what you will lose if you do something silly. Remember, if you kill someone while driving, you will go to jail. What would you do if your family lost you? Your family must be the most important thing in your life, why risk them.

Road Rage is a big problem on the road today and while there is nothing you can do about everyone else on the road you can do something about yourself and that’s where we have to start. The next time someone cuts in front of you or someone steals your car’s space, don’t abuse them or confront them, just feel sorry for them and move.

In closing I want to repeat five strategies that you can do to help reduce your own anger:

Strategy 1 – Leave Your Travel Time Enough

Strategy 2 – Chewing Gum

Strategy 3 – Reflect Before Traveling

Strategy 4 – Play Baroque Meditation Music During Your Trip

Strategy 5 – Have Photos of Your Family Seen


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