Best Used Electric Cars, The eight best value used electric cars revealed: What should you go for if you’re looking to make the switch?

Used Electric Cars: Which Hold Their Value Best? Which Is Worst? - Best Used Electric Cars
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Best Used Electric Cars – The number of electric batteries sold last month rose 87 percent compared to the same month last year. With more than 12,000 new electric cars registered in the UK this year, over 42,000 on the road already, can now be the time for you to switch?

But, if you don’t like dropping as much as £ 130,000 on the new Tesla Model S, then dipping your feet into the electric vehicle market by taking an old model with a discount can be a smart strategy. The average cost of an electric car used is quite low, £ 19,578 according to Auto Trader.

Best Used Electric Cars

James Fairclough, chief executive of AA Cars, has revealed exclusively for this that the eight best used electric cars are on the market.

He said the most important thing to consider if you want to switch to electric cars is the range of vehicles, the size of the battery and the additional cost of installing a charger.

However, there are government grants available until March 2019 which can provide up to £ 500 for installation costs for filling points in your home.

The main concern will be different for those who have shorter trips for those who live in the countryside with longer trips on the agenda.

It is important to note that the range used in the list below is the claimed range.

The actual range of cars is likely to be lower, and we recently reported a real range of some of the most popular electric cars in the UK, many of which appear in the list below.

Most of the cars described will receive a standard fee of around 3.5kW to 22kW and a fast fee (50kW) of the type found in the motorway service area.

This charger will provide up to 80 percent of the cost in about 40 minutes, depending on the size of the battery.

With this in mind, here are some suggestions from James, taking into account different budgets and lifestyles.

Renault Zoe Dynamique Nav
New (latest model): £ 18,420 – £ 21,920

Used car prices (all models included): £ 6,000 – £ 16,495

The Renault Zoe is an excellent entry-level electric car, giving you a stylish, though compact, design with an attractive price tag.

While the old Zoe model will give you the best value for money, they also have the shortest distance but it would be ideal if you use the car as a local runaround.

However, the updated version, which was introduced to the market this year, offers more practicality, and larger batteries and is thus suitable for longer trips – with driving distances of up to 186 miles.

When looking at Zoe, check whether the battery is still in rental status – a low price might mean there is an additional charge for battery leasing.

Smart Fortwo E
New (latest models): £ 21,195 – £ 24,995

Used car prices (all models included): £ 18,500 – £ 19,450

Even though Smart Fortwo may not be suitable for those who are planning a long trip, this is one of the best city cars that are valued on the market.

The latest model has a lower range of around 58 miles and a top speed of 81mph but it is a brilliant compact car, very easy to maneuver and easy to park in awkward roadside parking.

While highway speeds will take more toll on batteries, greater car reach when following lower urban speeds.

Nissan Leaf
New (latest models): £ 21,990 – £ 27,490

Used car prices (all models included): £ 5,995 – £ 20,000

The new Nissan Leaf is our most recommended electric car this year. It has a claimed range of 128 miles, and is one of the cheapest middle-class electric cars.

It’s roomy with large boot and fur with technology, especially the latest 40kW battery version.

Models with Pro-Pilot adaptive intelligent cruise control and ‘e-pedal’ functions are also highly sought after.

Good internal development including the Bose sound system. It offers a quiet and smooth drive, amazing acceleration and a top speed of just under 100mph.

The latest models also have a sharper appearance and more positive steering than their predecessors, but with prices as low as £ 6,000 older cars may offer better value now.

Kia Soul EV
New (latest model): £ 26,995

Used car prices (all models included): £ 13,799 – £ 15,999

The Kia Soul EV is a great example of how car manufacturers can successfully launch electric vehicles that are modeled after cars that are on the gasoline or diesel lines.

Kia has managed to offer a car at a competitive price that also provides the driver with plenty of space.

The 2018 version has a battery upgrade from the previous Kia Soul EV that carries a range from 93 to 111 miles.

Hyundai IONIQ
New (latest model): £ 28,995

Price of used cars (all models included): £ 15,000 – £ 26,000

Hyundai IONIQ provides various electrification drivers with a hybrid model that combines a gasoline engine with an electric motor; a plug-in hybrid that has a larger battery, and also a pure electric vehicle.

Like its colleagues, higher purchase prices must be considered along with low operating costs.

The latest model will take you between 130 and 150 miles on a fully charged battery and moreover, choosing a pure electric version will give you the fastest model on the IONIQ line – reaching 0-62mph in less than 10 seconds.

Volkswagen e-Golf
New (latest model): £ 29,230

Used car prices (all models included): £ 26,395 – £ 26,999

Volkswagen Golf is a favorite company in the UK, for individuals and families, attracting drivers for solid construction, premium quality and slow shrinkage.

The VW e-Golf gives the driver the luxury that is as low as the Golf line that brings to market, with lower operating costs and no exhaust emissions.

This car can also reach 117 miles.

BMW i3
New (latest model): £ 34,075

Used car prices (all models included): £ 13,995 – £ 17,000

Although the range is a bit disappointing BMW i3, 80-125 miles depending on how you drive it, acceleration is fast and the top speed is only around 100 mph.

There is a version that is equipped with a small ‘range extender’ engine that charges the battery and provides a guarantee for those who are worried about the ‘range of anxiety’.

The latest version, with a larger battery, has dropped this option.

This car has a premium quality interior, very light with tight turning circles and lighter steering gives a pleasant impression when driving in the city.

Tesla Model S
New (latest models): £ 73,600 – £ 129,405

Used cars (all models included): £ 43,1994 – £ 66,990

The latest Tesla Model S is one of the most preferred electric vehicles on the market, but it’s easy to see why.

If you think electric cars cannot be fast or luxurious when environmentally friendly, then think again.

It was designed with the performance of a sports car and a sleek appearance with the latest leading technologies.

Models in the ‘Insane’ mode will skyrocket you from the start to 60mph in less than 3 seconds – the fastest accelerated sedan of any type on the market.

The largest 100kWh battery version offers an incredible 335 miles range – currently the longest electric car.


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