Cheap Used Cars Indianapolis, NHRA: Greenwood car salesman Drew Skillman among Pro Stock’s best

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Cheap Used Cars Indianapolis, NHRA: Greenwood car salesman Drew Skillman among Pro Stock’s best – INDIANAPOLIS – The breed gene was still in DNA by Drew Skillman. It has not worked yet. But this changed about nine years ago.

At that time, the representative of NHRA Pro-Stock was represented by a representative. Ray Skillman’s son, “Ray Skillman Automotive Group”, “stabbed” and sold car sales was a family business. This is still the case, as Drew’s auto insurance business is used by Supercentre Greenwood distributor.

But race is kind of a family business.

Ray Skillman’s sustainability competition began at the age of sixteen at the age of 14 and was on a regular track until 1960, attending Nascar’s most recent competitions and models. By selling family-owned cars, Ray moved his passion to his son Bill and Bill’s son Drew.

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Taking this into account, Bill was not a big surprise when he returned home nine years ago after he noticed that Mustang Cobra had bought Jet Drag to sell it. She’s gone.

“My dad and my sons have stolen two cars,” Bill laughs. “It all started there.”

Drew asked his 20-year-old grandfather to help Lucas Oil Speedway to keep fun. He was there in the round and tonight when Drew Skillman, Pro National Champion 2017, found a grandfather who was a stranger in the series of endurance.

You too?

“No, no, no,” Drew told the IndyStar Chevrolet Performance at the Lucas Oil Race Race. “We were terrible, we were shy about ourselves, but we continued:” How difficult can it be? And we came back next week, and we were worse (laughs).

But that is it, Drew said. They were employees. And if any of the Skillman family are excited about something, it’s all or nothing.

“We’re not doing anything sad,” Drew said. “If we do something, it’s 100%.” As you walk a week, it’s not just a normal walk if you go, go to the Appalachian Trail, sometimes we have nothing to do but begin. ”

Running is not one of the things you do not have to do. These two cobras are now six times more racing cars and Drew and his family are “how hard has it been for the past nine years?”

A skilled Drew reduces his racing thinking. He says that selling cars is his job and that competition is just a hobby.

“If I were a professional driver, I could not have made a lot of money,” he says.

I could use some of his skills.

Drew was a quick hit after this fatal night at Lucas Oil Raceway. Two years later he won competitions in the NHTRA Super Stock and Stock series. In the Atlantic in 2012, he made history the youngest driver to win a double victory in national action and the Superhero event at NHRA on the same day.

In 2013, Drew Skillman completed the national championship and moved to Pro Stock in 2015. He finished fifth in the championship and won the road to the future of the NHH Automobile Club in Southern California, the most recognizable debut of the sport.

Drew Skillman won the competition in 2017, while many of them dreamed of winning: American citizens.

“She was scratching a roof for about a week,” Dad said. “We were evergreen, we have never had so many calls, letters, emails, win the same Drew so special in this race, mainly for our entire family, it will not be better than this is the last race breed.”

Despite his success in speeding up the bar, Drew says his true love sells cars further. She will handle the rest of her life. Knowing this, it is much easier to bring life to professional runners on the weekend and to the respectable balance of the dealers.

But this raises the question: What Drew Skillman is the best? Sell ​​or launch cars?

You are proud father can decide.

“I would say that both are very good.”


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