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Clay Cooley Used Cars – If you are a little nauseous driving a car, an autonomous future promises more disease. Even when sitting in the driver’s seat you are basically a passenger. It’s famous for car makers, so research runs on several fronts to create technology in cars that will be on par with digital Dramamin. University of Michigan researchers outlined three roots of car sickness felt by at least six percent to 12 percent of US passengers:

Lack of anticipation of movement, when the movement of the car comes as a surprise to you, not an order by you.
Lack of motion control, when the movement of the car can be expected, but its nature is not, it also cannot be controlled by you. Vestibular and visual conflict, when your eyes see something stable like a cellphone screen or book, but your inner ear feels that you are moving.

Clay Cooley Used Cars

This is a large part of what makes riding an amusement park encouraging, but most of us don’t want our journey to have anything in common with Space Mountain.

One solution proposed by the U of M is to use a series of small LED lights to show the movement of the car and telegraph the next action at our visual periphery, either with lights embedded in the interior of the car or in glasses that we will use to drive.

Uber has proposed a similar technique that uses both visual indications as well as disturbing sensory stimuli, perhaps a gentle gust of air or a vibrating chair to refocus your vestibular and visual conflict.

Another approach will penetrate your nose. Interior maker Auto International Auto Components thinks aromatherapy can be a feature of its future cabin component, emitting essences from ginseng or lavender to cure motion sickness. The idea is not so far out there. Various forms of ginger are used as prevention of virtual reality nausea.

Meanwhile, car designers can do many things with pens and clay to prevent us from being green on the gills. Designs that use a greenhouse that is taller and cooler than the bunker interior like many cars today can offer a more relaxed reference to the motion of the car in our peripheral vision. And autonomous car programming can be smoothed out so that it suddenly starts, stops or changes in direction are avoided, in line with airline pilots who are ethics who are equally embracing for their passengers.


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