Compare Used Car Prices, Is your car on the newly revealed list of the 10 most unreliable used cars?

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Compare Used Car Prices – Buying a new car or signing a financial agreement for one is not always an option for everyone. Being used or used cars is often reliable to get owners from A to B and back. But older cars can often be unreliable, causing cost break-downs and expensive mechanical problems.

Wise guarantees, car repair and maintenance companies have revealed the most unreliable used cars so you can make informed decisions when you buy a previously preferred motorbike. CEO Lawrence Whittaker for the company said: “This data comes from real cases and original warranty claims that make it the most trusted information that used car buyers can get.

Compare Used Car Prices

“We do not recommend, in any way, that this problem is guaranteed to occur, but that is the only reason the guarantee exists.”

This finding is based on a number of key indicators, including the number of claims against errors and how much each car costs.

These are the top ten and the reasons why according to Wise Guarantee:

10 – Renault Clio

One of the cars gets into the car when you first pass the test. You have just crawled into an unreliable list.

The most expensive Clio problem is the gearbox error, but the fuel injection pump also causes problems.

9 – Fiat 500

Coming to number nine is a stylish Italian car.

Maybe it’s not too high on the list but with electricity, suspension and clutch problems it can be a pretty expensive car.

8- Seat Ibiza

Another stylish model, but one more that can cost a lot or make you stranded on the side of the highway.

The most common problem seems to be on the engine when the car crashes around the age of nine.

7 – Mini Cooper

This is an iconic car, but it is not known for its practicality or reliability.

Coupling is the most common headache for the driver.

6 – Mercedes Benz C-Class

After paying through the roof for Merc, you might not expect the motorbike to be on an unreliable list.

But electrical faults will make C-Class owners back a lot.

5 – Vauxhall Astra

They look a lot on our streets, but according to the Wise Guarantee, public cars still cause problems for their owners.

And that is the gearbox which is the wrong part.

4 – Peugeot 107

Another option we often think of is the cheap option for the first car.

But machines are a common problem.

3 – Vauxhall Insignia

The second place is occupied by Vauxhall in this unreliable list.

The Insignia generally has steering and heating problems and engine failure.

2 – Vauxhall Zafira

Coming to number two is another Vaxhall model.

Zafira has been pulled several times and also has problems with coupling, alternator and electricity.

1 – Range Rover Sport

Strangely the top of the list for unreliable cars is a car that is not reflected on the price tag.

Range Rover has a long list of common problems that make the owner spend a lot of money.

The Range Rover Sport (Image: Manchester Evening News)
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