Craigslist Used Cars San Diego, The Story Behind That Hilarious Toyota Corolla Craigslist Ad

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Craigslist Used Cars San Diego – It’s very difficult to be funny in written words, so you might not even try. What makes this Craigslist ad even more amazing, because it’s so funny. So much so that we violate unofficial Jalopnik policies to not post Zany Craigslist Ads to this website.

First, the ad is full. It has been taken from Craigslist but you can still see it in its original glory at Wayback Machine. The title is, “1999 Toyota Corolla – Fine AF.” Text: Do you want a car that finishes the job? Do you want a hassle-free car? You want to know that no one will praise you? Well look no further.

Craigslist Used Cars San Diego

Toyota Corolla 1999.

Let’s talk about features.

Bluetooth: no

Sunroof: no

Luxury wheels: no

Rear view of the camera: no … but has a transparent rear window and you have a neck that can rotate.

Let me tell a story. One day my Corolla started making strange noises. I don’t care and ignore it. It’s gone. Finished

You can take out the engine from this car, release it from the Golden Gate Bridge, take it from the water a thousand years later, put it in the trunk of the car, fill the gas tank with Nutella, turn the key, and this puppy will start fucking.

This car will live longer than you, it will live longer than your children.

The things that this car is old enough to do:

Vote: yes

Approval for sex: yes

Car rental: this is a car

This car has a history. Looks some nonsense. People have done straight things in this car. People have done gay things in this car. This won’t judge you like a damn Volkswagen.

Interesting Facts:

The exterior color of this car is gray, but the interior color is gray.

In the owner’s manual, oil is listed as “optional.”

When the car was unveiled at the 1998 Detroit Auto Show, it caused all 2,000 participants to evaporate spontaneously. Sudden changes in air pressure inside the building cause part of the roof to collapse. Four people edited. The program recorded in the documentary “Bored Dying: The Story of the 1999 Toyota Corolla”

Do you want to find out more? Great, I have a car I filled out a Facebook survey.

Favorite food: spaghetti

Favorite TV shows: Alf

Favorite band: a tie between Bush and Gin Blossoms

This is practical as a Roth IRA. This is the middle way as your grandfather during his last Silver Warning. This is a utilitarian as a member of the church whose holy book is entirely based on water bills.

When I run CarFax for this car, I get back a piece of paper that says, “This is a Corolla. It’s okay.”

Let’s face the fact, this car won’t win a beauty contest, but not you. Stop lying to yourself and stop lying to your wife. This is not the car you want, it’s the car you deserve: The 1999 Fucking Toyota Corolla.

Jason Hlavenka, a Houston resident who decided to be reluctant to download the Corolla after that, more or less, outweighed its usefulness, he told Jalopnik via email. Oh, and also a small thing called security:

The original plan was to keep this car forever. I have a vision to gradually return it to its original glory in the garage and then cover it with my daughter who was very disappointed when she was 16 years old. My plan changed after my wife found a video about the direct collision test between the 1999 Corolla and the 2015 Corolla. As you can imagine, ’99 corolla is basically a death trap according to current safety standards, and for the safety of our children, he insisted we get … the safety of our new children, your mind, not me.

Hlavenka first posted a car on eBay motorbike earlier this month, asking $ 2,500 for it, which he said might be a little steep. Without taking it, he said he decided to “try a different approach” on Craiglist. Initially, it didn’t work, and he finally sold it for $ 1,700 to someone through a sign in the car.

Then, Craigslist ads exploded, becoming viral thanks to this person’s tweet:

The time is never exactly what you want, given how Hlavenka might get more than $ 1,700 from the popularity of the Corolla post-internet.

“I’m not a writer or comedian, but I started a Twitter account @TheCorollaGuy so that famous people can reach out and offer to buy me a new Corolla,” he said. “That’s how Twitter works, right?”


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