Edmond Used Cars, Buying a New or Used Car? Here’s How to Determine the Vehicle That’s Right for You!

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Edmond Used Cars – If buying your last new car (or a used car) is an expensive big mistake … then this article was written for you. And that’s positive for you if you want to avoid making big mistakes from the start. Interested … good, let’s start!

There are five criteria that make the best vehicle value: price, intrinsic quality (what interests you), insurance costs, warranty coverage and resale value. Now, you want to narrow your search to 2 or 3 vehicles that you like, and then compare your short list using the value analysis criteria outlined below, and after you are done, you will find the right vehicle for you.

Edmond Used Cars


Check prices and the range of blue book values ​​to determine what other people pay. Kelly Blue Book is commonly used in the US East, while the NADA – the National Automotive Dealers Association (Yellow Book) is mainly used in Western countries.

There is a third source that you have to check out named Edmonds. There is a lot of good insight information on their website; it has this feature for pricing new cars. I like where you type in the zip code and tell you the True Market Value (TMP) of the desired vehicle locally in your area, not nationally. You can visit them through this link.

Use all three sources as a reference. Remember that there are no two vehicles with the exact same model, year, and year; These published values ​​are only the starting point for measuring vehicle values.

Intrinsic Quality

There is a big difference in the perception of actual vs. quality between Japanese cars vs. American cars, or almost all foreign imports in this case. Did you know that there is currently not much difference in the quality of Japanese cars versus American cars, but popular belief still holds that Japanese cars are better.

Because of this mistaken perception, a Japanese car has a longer value while American cars depreciate faster. The good thing is that you can save money up front by buying an American car vs. comparable Japanese cars in the same class. This is a good thing if you buy and hold American vehicles for several years. This is not a good thing if you rent a vehicle in America because the vehicle quickly depreciates during the first few years of ownership and negatively impacts your calculated monthly rental payments.

Also, what factors are the reliability and safety of the vehicle you want to buy compared to other vehicles in the class? Read a vehicle test drive review to find out which vehicle has the safety features you like.

Insurance fee

How much does it cost to insure the baby? Talk to your insurance agent, heck, go around and talk to a few to get a quote on what you will pay to insure the vehicle in your short list. This fee alone can be a tie breaker.

Warranty Coverage

What is the factory warranty coverage for each vehicle that you like? You might be surprised by the answer, so the factor becomes the same.

Resale value

Remember what I said before about holding value? Now, that’s important if you are the type of person who likes to get new vehicles every few years, but if you hold them ready for the crusher, then this doesn’t have much weight or bearing in your decision.

If a domestic vehicle crashes into imports and you plan to keep it forever (almost), then with all the same, your best value will be as far as prices will definitely be made in America.

The opposite is true if you will only hold on to the vehicle for several years.

OK, so you have done a comparison side by side, and a clear winner should appear. Please, make a choice of your vehicle. Ahhh … it feels good! Now you are ready to find a dealer and get out there and bargain with the seller of the car on the price, financing and exchange rates of existing vehicles, if you have a vehicle to trade. Good luck!


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