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Free Used Car Craigslist – As an expert in purchasing Jalopnik residents and professional car sellers, I got an email. Lots of emails. I have decided to choose a few questions and try to help. This week we discuss the best places to list your used cars, get used Lexus vs new Toyota, and guarantee on rescue cars.

First, is there one best place to list your car for sale?

I want to sell our minivan and not get a bite on Craigslist (our prices may be too high, but that’s a different problem). I didn’t buy a used car and really didn’t know which site was the best place to be. Yes, the last time I was in the used car market I took one of my brother’s AutoTrader magazines printed on black & white newspaper, in the 80s.

Free Used Car Craigslist

Is there a guide where the site is used? Any suggestion? I am thinking of Ebay Motors,, Autotrader, etc.

Craigslist is a good place to start, it’s free and if you have something at the bottom of the market, say under $ 15,000, CL will usually give you good results if the price of the car is right. However, many people don’t realize that large third-party listing sites like Autotrader,, CarGurus, etc … all have prices that are quite reasonable for listings. will give you a free list with up to five images for 30 days and most basic listing packages range from $ 25 to $ 50 on various sites.

You mentioned a good old print list and, depending on the car you have and your local market, you might want to place an ad in a local newspaper or a used car guide. There are still many people (okay, Olds) who are looking for cheap cars that are not the most technologically savvy and are still perusing the local classifieds. However, sometimes these ads can be rather expensive. The goal here is to maximize the number of balls in your used car but not to spend a lot of money doing it.

If you have something that isn’t too long and you want to move it quickly, startups like Vroom and Carvana will sometimes buy your car without having to buy one of them, and even take it. Both sites have online evaluators to give you what you can expect on average.

But is it better to buy a used luxury car or a new mainstream model?

I am a man who bought and held a car for years; I was still driving (a) Yukon 2002 and my wife was the Prius 2005. She wanted and really needed a new car. I am leaning towards 2019 Honda CRV or Toyota 2019 RAV4. I just read about Honda engine problems, so I thought of Toyota. BUT … will the late RX350 model be a worthy competitor? There’s no way I’m looking for a new one.

It all depends on your budget and priorities in terms of technology. Toyota RAV4 will have the most advanced infotainment and safety features (in the Toyota range). Lexus will provide you with several features, but cars that are two or three years old do not have items such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto or the latest advanced security features. But if you don’t really care about that and just want something comfortable, reliable, and a little bigger, a used Lexus CPO will be a good option.

And finally, does the rescue title cancel all warranty balances?

I live in California, I’m not too familiar with buying a rescue vehicle. I tried to buy a secondary car for under 10k. There are 16 Malibu sold in 10k areas in my area. The person who sold the car said that the car had not suffered major damage when he bought it at auction, the car was affected between the driver’s side door. The car currently has about 30k miles above it. I have read that some people have had good experiences with their rescue title vehicles. The machine seems to be in perfect condition. Unfortunately, I have read that 16 Malibus and Cruzes have a common problem when it comes to misfires caused by bad pistons. This problem is present in the 1.5 turbo engine. My question is, do rescue vehicles maintain their powertrain guarantees when known problems like that are known? I asked because I said I bought a vehicle and on the phone, the problem arose. The car seems to be a great offer, but this problem worries me.

I usually suggest avoiding the remaining title cars in any way, especially if it’s meant to be a daily driver. If you are going to buy a generous Lotus and turn it into a racing car, that’s another story. Of course, you can take a car that is generally quite good despite having a rescue problem, but you have to be very careful. Always get a car like this, checked by an independent mechanic to see points of severe problems.

And for warranty issues, I submitted this question to Jalopnik’s consumer protection lawyer, Steve Lehto. “Check the warranty language to ensure but most companies cancel guarantees on rescue vehicles. Not important damage, that’s what it’s called, “he said.


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