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Houston Used Car Dealerships Bad Credit – At present only 6% of nearly 18,000 dealers belong to a minority in the continental United States. Like Damon Lester, the president and CEO of the National Minority Association of Car Dealers (NAMAD) said, “There is a real need for dealers to look like the communities they will serve.” Enter the PTG365 startup company, founded by Brandon Medford, Dave Obaseki, and Eric Whitehead.

A trio of thousands of years of friends is trying to eradicate the stigma associated with low-income and urban communities and create equal opportunities to ensure that everyone, regardless of socio-economic status or credit reputation, can buy a car. One day at a time, one customer at a time, PTG365 shared the secrets of their unorthodox and successful brands.

Houston Used Car Dealerships Bad Credit

Black Enterprise: Tell us about PTG365 and how it’s different from your typical car dealer.

Obaseki: PTG365 began almost a year ago and was founded by three experienced car people who have been in the car industry collectively for 10 years. We offer services that many dealers don’t have; take the car to your home without ever driving to the dealer. Our prices will always be lower than dealers because we have less overhead and we are more focused on referencing our agreements than anything else. The better we do by you; the more clients you bring; the fewer ads we need to spend.

Whitehead: [We are] a company that not only ensures the best deals but makes the process of buying a car painless and easy without setting foot on the real dealer. We work with new and used vehicles that belong to all brands, brands and models. We work with all credit and we have relationships with more than 40 financial institutions. We also deliver cars to our clients. PTG stands for Prices Too Good and the 365 is for every day.

Medford: PTG365 is a unique automotive broker based in New York City. We offer many different services for all car needs during the car purchase process. We are a department store where we offer services such as credit repair, credit recovery, new car sales, pre-owned car sales, car insurance, and financial education services. What makes us so unique from car dealers is that we are not limited to any inventory. Car dealers sometimes force customers into cars in their inventory because they are more comfortable. On the other hand, because of the licenses and relationships we carry, we are not limited to anything. We go further to exceed the needs of our clients and make them family for PTG365 for life. Because me and my colleagues have worked for a car dealer for many years, we understand that MAKING OUR CLIENTS IS VERY HAPPY is the most important thing.

What is the concept of a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your financing needs?

Obaseki: This happened with us having relationships with the right people in the industry and getting many financial managers and directors on board with our goals. Remember, that’s not what you say, that’s how you say it. Every time we have a conversation with a bank, we make sure we leave a good impression so that when we need help for approval, it is done without question. So when we get clients and they want a list of cars, getting answers for each bank is easy and done quickly.

Whitehead: This concept began with the idea of ​​buying a car into a long and protracted experience that wasn’t as interesting as it once was. Vehicle purchase is the purchase of life for the second largest consumer. We make this process interesting and easy to become a department store because we do all the shopping and hard work for you while you save time and lots of money.

Medford: We came up with this idea from working at several car dealers and listening to customer feedback about why they were not happy elsewhere.

With non-traditional businesses like that must have a non-traditional business model. Can you explain your business model?

Obaseki: Why sit at the dealer for hours just to pick up the car you dreamed of? Why do you have to go through their headaches to say you were approved for one monthly payment and then go into the finance office and hear the other? With PTG365, every price is too good and you don’t have to worry about being forced to do anything. We do good on your side without you realizing it.

Whitehead: Every car that your heart wants and your finances can afford, we will make it happen. Aim the moon – if we fail, we land on the star. We make this process fast and smooth while delivering your vehicle to your doorstep. We take pictures of the moon with your chosen vehicle, but we give you other options that you might have the right and will work according to your budget so you will still land on the star and be really satisfied with the results.

Medford: In whatever way needed. Aim to do whatever is needed to be successful. Without strategic planning; just go for it, aim high then find out the course of action.

You mention serving top class customers but on the other hand, you specialize in helping low income people receive financing. How important is that balance for your business?

Obaseki: This balance is the key to our success. We ensure every client is also served; no matter what the score is. Getting a very low credit score is usually more of an achievement for us because it’s difficult. We share the idea that whatever your credit is, there is always a car for you. High-end clients bring other high-end clients so we try and stay consistent.

Whitehead: This balance is very important because we have a diverse portfolio. We want to help anyone and everyone. A challenging deal with a difficult credit score also feels very satisfying when you see a smile on the client’s face after they feel they won’t get any help. Also, the feeling of achievement of high profile clients who are ready to build their dream vehicle in the right way they want and the final results end with the right purchase order of the vehicle they want.

Medford: This is very important, more important than anything. This is how economic balance. I believe that nothing should be put aside at all. Who cares where you come from? It’s about where you are going and what PTG365 can do to help.


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