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Peoria Ford Used Cars, CELEBRITY DRIVE: BASEBALL HALL OF FAMER JIM THOME OF ‘MLB TONIGHT’ – For a daily driver, he is confident that Ford F diesel engine 2015, Jim “Gentleman Jim” Thome, an outdoor sports expert, the fifth leading league analyst and the Hall of Fame. Baseball. 350 Super Duty Diesel.

“I love Ford, I’m a big boy and I have brothers and friends, baseballs, all of which are older, fantastic, the room is fantastic,” said Thome. “Driving this diesel is really great: in the summer when we go to baseball for my son’s youth, they will throw all the equipment back.”

Thome gives you 10 10-ladder and keep it for an ideal trip on a weekend. “When I go to the house and go fishing, I go hiking, cycling and everything is fantastic, I drop everything and I go, I love it,” he says. “Driving on the freeway when I’m in a long time, I have to be careful when driving to Chicago, I hope that the next shopping is a Ford Raptor, so I can not wait.”

Peoria Ford Used Cars

One of Ford’s disadvantages is that the vehicle needs more attention. “The only thing I would say is that I hate my truck is that it’s black and that I always have to wash it,” she laughed. “But if it’s clean, it’s the best, it looks good because it rises twice a week, but it’s not a load problem.”

Thome says he is very loyal to the Ford F-series trucks: “I had GMC, this Denali, maybe nine years ago, and I like it, but I love traveling with Ford,” he says. “They have improved it, the dashboard has been upgraded, the headlights are new compared to the previous model, Ford is doing a good job, keeping small things that customers want, note, the details are excellent.”

Trust Ford to adapt to the open air, be it hunters, fishermen or mountain bikers. “My wife is Denali and she has a Jeep,” said Thome. “We are sports cars, we love to load and manufacture a car for children and equipment.”

Thome also has Rubikon Jeep Wrangler 2016, which shows that he always wanted Jeep. “I bought it for the summer season and started my mountain bike again.”

Thome gives the jeep 8 10 points. “It is clear that the tires are bigger, that Ford is not as flat as Ford,” he says. “I believe that by shooting Jeeps, going out and avoiding what I really do not do, but what I do is an incredible and incredible machine.”

However, it is difficult to compare it with Ford. “I like the F-350 because it runs smoothly, it’s a big Cadillac, it moves like a car, the Jeep is a bit more flexible, but when it takes the Chicago roof in May, June and July.” Much better than a truck, I only have two miles of coffee, here I love my jeep. ”

The car has taught her to drive

Thome grew up in Peoria, Illinois, where he learned to drive in his 1967 vanilla. “It was yellow, orange, it felt as if someone had used it as a painting machine,” she laughed. “I just remember that there were different colors, and when I came there, I thought,” Still dad in the bright orange and yellow lorries. ”

Thome remembers these mobile watches as “first security,” he says. His parents bought Pontiac Phoenix for Thome in the late 70s or early 80s as a high school car.

Thome has a lot of memories of these days in Phoenix. “Go to football and basketball games, save and try to get some money to spend a week,” she recalls. “Peora grows, we went to McDonald every Friday night in Bartonville.”

Of course there is always something to do when it comes to the first cheap car. “When the door handle was broken and I had to go the other way,” he says. “I think the first car is always the one you want.”

He bought the first car

Thome shot Phoenix when she became a professional in 1989 with the new Chevrolet Z71. “I loved it, it was great price, it was great, I had two years and ended up with 300ZX, the Nissan 300ZX was a swing.”

Thome was already in the Cleveland Indians when he had 300ZX. “I loved driving and I believe that when we are young, we usually get to sports cars,” he says.

In the main series, Thome was often on the road and did not drive with his new sports car. “Winter stayed home and his father brought him to Cleveland,” he says. “Dad probably drove a bit, which was fine, I think he liked it as much as I did.”


Italy is a popular trip from Chicago to her home. “When I get there, there’s plenty of space, like Tennessee, Charlotte has beautiful Colorado areas and some Colorado views are beautiful,” he says. “In the summer, you see the wheat fields and the Middle West, where I grew up in Peoria, so I like it.”

The journey is so much Thome’s destiny as the landscape it offers. “It gives me all the madness of my life, travels and resides in baseball,” she says. “When I retire with my family or mine, I like this motivation because I know what’s going to happen at the end of the stay.” When it grows old, we begin to see things differently and love them. I love to drive a car. Alone, usually for family parties and friends, I love it, it’s just accommodation, as much as you want. and then again. ”

Thome also loves you all over the country. “These two secondary roads lead to 55, then to Peoria and then to the back,” he says.


Thome was elected National Baseball Hall of Fame for his first January election and was officially recognized at Cooperstown on July 29.

With many award-winning films “MLB Tonight”, Thome collaborates with her former teammates, including Sean Casey.

One year later, Thome said he had a lot of respect for analysts. “The most I want to tell the public about some good things you can learn during your career, if you can share information with your dad, your son or your daughter, that’s the thing,” he says. “You have a lot of information you want to give, tell, and honestly, and see what’s going on with baseball, track and share information about what you’ve learned for years.”


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