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Pete Mankins Used Cars Texarkana – A few months after writing The Belief Formula, I visited my parents and we talked about the power to create what we want with our thoughts or prayers. I told them that there is no limit to what someone can make with their imagination; if humans can imagine something, that is a possibility. If humans continue to imagine something, it becomes certainty.

I began to give examples of things that we take for granted, but are thought of, imagined, and created by humans who believe in something that does not yet exist in the physical world. The plane existed as mere fantasy for a very long time before it gained enough mass to become a physical reality. Once people can see it, and because it believes in new technology, advances in aircraft technology really skyrocket – no words are meant. Trust is an attractive force that unites the very tangible physical mass of our new reality.

Pete Mankins Used Cars Texarkana

When we talked, my niece, Jessica, came to the room and listened for a few minutes before asking, “So, you mean, I can pray for the car and get it?”

I replied, “Sure; but it’s impossible to fall from the sky and land on your entrance.”

Jessica, whom I call “Jessie,” said, “You mean a real car? Not a toy or something …”

I said, “Yes, whatever you want. ‘Whatever you want …’ But there are certain ways to ask for something so you will be more likely to get what you want. If you do it right, you can not only get a car, but the exact car you want! ”

Jessie asked, “How is that?”

At what point did I explain to him how things like that were created. I told him to be more specific and imagine the car he wanted; and imagine himself in the car. I told him to spend time telling himself that he already owned this car, and to imagine what it looked, smelled, and felt like sitting in a car. I also told him to spend time feeling how it felt in his heart, and how nice it was to have a new car and have the freedom and fun time that came with a new car while imagining being around a car with friends, or going to places that were fun in his car.

The most important of all, however, is the positive attitude with which you think about these things. Feeling joy in your heart is what creates a pulling pattern that guides you to have ideas, thoughts, words, and actions designed to take you to the answer to your prayer, or bring your answers to you. Think about what you want and feel the joy of reality in your heart. Be grateful for what you ask for – as if you have received it. That’s the secret.

Then, you must “listen” and pay attention to the things around you. At that time, Jessie was only fifteen years old and a new car would not be of use to her at the time. Having plenty of time before a car is really needed, it makes sense if God, the Universe, or whatever you believe answers to prayer, can begin by sending work in a way – maybe allowing it to save enough money to get what it wants. . Who knows? Keep your attention on what you want, and keep your spirit up!

There is a story that I heard about an old woman who needed a new car. A church member heard about his needs and approached him after the church. Church members told the older woman that she heard she needed a car; and he has one that he thinks will work well for him. “The only problem,” he said, “does it need a new part and it costs $ 120.00.” The woman replied, “Oh, I don’t have enough money for repairs – let alone a car.” The man replied, “You don’t understand; I’ll give you a car. I just have to repair this part first and that’s just how much it costs … I intend to pay for repairs and give you a car if you still need it.”

At a family gathering, about a month later, Jessie talked with her cousin about what we were talking about and how she prayed for a car. He said, “Uncle Pete said all I had to do was think about what kind of car I wanted, imagine myself in it, and believe that it was mine, and I would get what I asked for.”

Unfortunately, he only got a little encouragement. A well-meaning adult told Jessie that there were many things to do, and that she had to have some money to pay for certain expenses that she might not have thought about. And, of course, there is insurance and gas that he doesn’t think about having to pay, etc …

When he told me what had happened, I reminded him of the stories in the Bible where Jesus healed someone and told them to “go and see that nobody knows …” I explained to Jessica that all of these suggestions meant that some people will try to convince you that miracles are impossible only because they forget how to “believe in being a child.” Don’t let “realism” of other people kill your trust. I asked if he still thought he could imagine himself in his new car; and he said, “Yes.” I said, “Then why not pretend? If you get to the point where you only need to have a car and you don’t think your prayer has been answered, get a car if that’s what you want to do; but in the meantime, there are many ways to get a car. Keep looking for opportunities in front of you, and hope your prayers come true. ”

A few months later, just before Jessie’s 17th birthday, my parents told me that one of my sisters, and her husband, had decided to get a new vehicle and also decided to give their old car to Jessie as a birthday present , rather than as a birthday present. exchange cars! When I asked what the car was, my dad said it was a jeep. I said, “Well, I think he must have reduced the problem of the Red Mustang;” and my father said, “Now, that’s an interesting part …”

“Every day, when I bring Jessie to school,” my father continued, “we will pass this used parking lot, and they have a jeep sitting in the front. Every morning when we pass the jeep, Jessie will say, ‘It’s mine Jeep; it’s my Jeep. ‘And now he has a Jeep! “he stated; and now that’s how it is.

The really neat thing was, when they gave him a car, they examined it and repaired it so he would have a good and reliable car; and, they put bows and ribbons in the car and parked them in front of the school where he came out in the afternoon. It seems that cars fall more often than the sky than I thought!

Jessie is not on campus now – on the other side of the state – and that Jeep serves well on her way to, and from, home, class, and wherever her college experience takes her. And, most importantly, it is a reminder that “Everything is possible for those who believe!”


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