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Used Car Battery Near Me

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How to prevent a flat battery
I have an automatic Renault Clio 2010 1.6 at our holiday home on the Costa del Sol. It is parked in the open and is often not used for a period of up to three months. To prevent the battery from being empty, is it permissible to install a solar charger during the period of not being used? ID

Find out if the socket is connected directly to the battery. One way is to try to run something from it when the machine is turned off. If programmed directly, you can charge through the socket.

Maintain the quality and condition of the car battery
I just bought Audi A3 2014 gasoline. I will travel a lot for a long time and want to adjust the battery life. The car will be parked outside at the entrance, close to the road. My initial thought was to decide on one terminal when I went and bought a charger / starter kit (£ 75) if needed when I returned. MM

You need a CTIP battery charger to charge the battery (, from Halfords, but this clearly requires a power supply. I do not recommend disconnecting the battery. If there is no way you can run the cable into the car, the charge package might be the answer (but that itself must be filled before use).


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