Used Car Dealers Ct, Why Won’t Dealers Negotiate On Pre-Owned Cars?

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Used Car Dealers Ct – As an expert in purchasing Jalopnik residents and professional car sellers, I got an email. Lots of emails. I have decided to choose a few questions and try to help. This week we will discuss dealers who do not negotiate about used cars, pay for personal purchases remotely, and lose certified Audi A6 inventory.

First, why do dealers not negotiate about used cars again? I was recently on the market for a premium Sienna Limited AWD model, 15 or 16 years used. To my disappointment, there were no traders interested in attractive offers, it was the selling price or not at all, maybe 100 dollars. Everyone told me that they did not bargain.

Used Car Dealers Ct

Do I have to thank CarMax for this?

This is a Boston area dealer, I finally found my van in Connecticut at a Honda dealer that had it in stock for more than 90 days and the price to sell.

What is the second question with “reconditioning costs” and “VIN etching costs”?

Used car prices, and the lack of movement on them, are one of the biggest sources of frustration today for buyers. We have been trained for so long “never paying the price of demand” is when faced with a number of dealers who sell used cars that do not budge asking people to throw prices for one round.

I have discussed this topic in great detail in previous posts such as why there is not much room to switch to used cars anymore, but to better understand the price of used cars, you have to look at them like real estate. When determining the value of a house, property agents do not see third-party websites they use “comps” or comparable properties in the region.

For cars it’s not about what the Kelly Blue Book or NADA says it has to sell. Finding the best deal is to see the same price spectrum of cars with the same miles and the “best deal” is the car at the lower end of the spectrum. Therefore, the “price to sell” van that you find in CT.

CarMax is one of the first retailers to use this “no bargaining” policy, but because I also say “no bargaining” does not always mean the best price. That’s where the research comes.

“Reconditioning costs” and “VIN etching costs” are fake costs intended to increase profits on the back, this request is removed or asks the dealer to adjust the price accordingly to neutralize the costs.

Next, how do you buy a car from a private seller who is far away and not messed up?

I can use your advice about the best way to handle the purchase of a used car from a private seller when the car is out of state. For example, I live in Colorado and the car I’m interested in is in Washington and if I buy it, I just sent it. Basically, what is the best way to handle documents / titles for safe transactions remotely? I knew it would be better to fly out and see for myself, but funding to take that step might not be possible.

So before we get to the payment department: if you buy a car from several states, you have to make sure this item is legal. If you won’t fly out there to check it yourself, you need to find someone locally to check it out. You can do research at local stores in the area that serves the brand and ask the owner to bring it to mechanics at your expense.

When it comes to paying for it, so that both parties are protected, here are some choices. You can ask the owner to send the title, at the point where you send the payment after you have the document, and then the owner will release the car. Or you can use an escrow service that will hold money, which shows payment is available but will only release funds as soon as you receive the vehicle. Please note that this service charges a fee.

Also, if the car is interesting, maybe Raph and PG will drive it to you if you ask well.

And finally, what happens to all certified-pre-owned Audi A6 inventories?

I might be on the market for an intermediate size CPO luxury sedan soon. I like CTS and A6 a lot (class E too). However, the supply of CPO for Cts and A6 seems to have disappeared.

Know what gives?

This is very interesting, especially for A6. I run a national search for the A6 CPO model from 2014-2016. Only four lists appear. I did the same for Cadillac CTS and found 188 lists, which were not many. But compared to Jaguar XF, another “unpopular” medium luxury sedan at 193 CPO units, Caddy isn’t too far behind. However, when I run the same search for the 2014+ 5 Series CPO and E-Class sedans, I get more than 1,000 listings.

I think the explanation has something to do with the seat airbags considering that Audi still has no repairs. Audi dealers cannot sell cars as CPOs with recalls, but they can sell cars as “used ones.” Some cars that have upgraded seats are not subject to withdrawals and can therefore be sold as CPO.


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