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Used Car Lots Longview Tx, Booming oil industry creates business, challenges for Pecos – PECOS: Ted and Murlene Godfrey nearly tripled in their RV park and people still want to live there.

Even though oilfield jobs attract people to Reeves County, Godfrey gets up to 30 conversations a day.

“It’s great work to find an apartment here,” said Murlene Godfrey. “It’s very expensive or most of the time is not available.”

In 2013 Godfreys launched RV Park on Duval Road when he said little room for vehicles in this area. What started the way to earn couples turned into a company that grew even further.

Used Car Lots Longview Tx

“When we are ready, all segments are praised,” said Ted Godfrey. We can make 50 additional places … and let them go out before we are ready because there are many requests. ‘

The Godfreys Amusement Park is about 6 km from the border area of ​​Pecos, where residents have also received temporary accommodation. Although government leaders take into account the impact of population growth on homes and other impacts, they say the change will also increase sales tax.

Kenneth Winkles Jr. has been up and down the Pecos economy for 33 years. But growth has not slowed down recently.

“Everyone is waiting for five, six or seven years: the end of this walker,” he said.

Wait a moment

Winkles CEO Pecos Leverage Corp., said the tax sales of 2018 were twice as high as in 2016. He believes that the rise in oil business, the city will provide more money to infrastructure.

Industry has created well-paid jobs and created other opportunities for Pecos, “says Mayor Venetta Seals.

“Local staff who have received some of these jobs, their homes can now considerably improve if they do not have the income they need,” he said.

Traditionally, the small town of Pecos now has some new businesses such as Tractor Supply Co., Barbecue Dickey and Dominos. However, small workers had difficulties in attracting new merchants.

“As many say, merchants are not homeless,” Winkles said. “So if you do not solve your house problems, it’s very difficult to see the national franchise.”

For business approval, PEDC has signed a three-year agreement with retail strategies. For housing, the company participated in the distribution of the division in 16 parts. Planning for residential properties and a large building construction.

Preliminary summing up some of these were live temporary rentals such as caravan, classic caravans, hotels and camps for men.

Cheat numbers

Sheep can not count the number of these temporary residents to a total population of about 9,000, according to seals. It is estimated that there are at least twice as many people in the city that this gap hampers the hiring of real estate developers in the area.

“If you look at our population data, they say that it is not growing,” he said. “But we know it grows here because of the lack of homelessness.”

When Tameka McKay goes to Reeves, she tries to avoid traffic sooner or later. This is a change he has made when he sees crowds in Pecos.

“Even the leaders say we should avoid some motorways to go home every day and return,” said McKay, who lives in this area since 2014.

Many Pecos residents have shown that the US Highway 285 motorway traffic is evidence of recent growth in the area. The highway, one of the main roads in the city and roads north of Carlsbad, New Mexico, is sometimes called “Road of the Dead” because of the death of a vehicle.

The dual corridor was sufficient until the oil in this area had risen to the seals. He said the situation was worrying for those who traveled long distances on the road.

“It would be good to see three or four vehicles,” he said. “Now it’s a busy road.”

Transport needs

Gene Powell, Chief Information Officer in Odessa, Texas, said that Gene Powell died from about 285 to seven deaths at the end of July. This death rate is the total value of 2017.

TxDOT started some $ 100 million road projects. Plans include the addition of slopes located north of Pecos to help athletes slow down.

“I think the situation will improve, but improving the situation is the driver’s behavior,” Powell said.

William Steverson thinks he is having an accident every day when he was in Pecos. As a former nurse, he said the number of collisions of vehicles was considerable. Steverson also stressed that commercial vehicles were installed in the area for you.

“I’m leaving Midland every day so the model did not help at all,” he said. “But you have to do it because you have bad trucks.”

Within the boundaries of the city police station Pecos tries to enforce commercial vehicles and maintain road safety.

On July 30, the department received 922 traffic calls. This is an increase compared to 2014, when 524 invitations were received by journalists.

Assistant Police Officer Lisa Tarango believes that traffic and speed will help increase accidents.

“We have a lot of different vehicles in a small area,” Tarango said. “Everyone tries to get a little faster than leaving traffic.”

In response to a larger number, the Pecos police have hired additional staff to end the complaints and lawsuits. Tarango noted that the recent salary increase helped the department to meet demand.

“The city fought to look for a high-quality candidate,” he said. “We would not have many people in the application group.”

catering service

Margie Pena grew up in the food industry, but she no longer knows how to do the same thing as today. He plans to preserve the traditions of his grandparents and grandparents in the famous Old Mill restaurant.

“It’s very frustrating for the local population who gets used to sitting, eating and eating,” says Pena, Executive Director of Pecos. “Where were some customers, we are now overwhelmed.”

Peña welcomes the Old Mill journalists who are known for their customer service and freshly made tortillas. As the economy grew, the company raised salaries and offered other incentives to keep employees in business.

A few years ago, Old Mill had about 20 employees. Since then, the workforce has doubled and may require additional support. Peña said that the restaurant could not afford to lose its current employees, including those who did not work regularly.

“If they choose their schedule, the attitude is: well, at least they came today,” he said. “It is very frustrating because it is difficult to work.”

As a Pecos resident, John Venegas found that people filled up restaurants and shops. He said that the trend has been going on for about two years.

“I would call it a surprise,” he said. “I think so many people have not come to the city and changed everything that has changed.”

In addition to the visitors, Venegas noted that some residents in the region face a different problem related to economic growth: the rise in the cost of living.

In Duval Road RV Park, monthly rates have risen to $ 100 as the company has been set up. McKay, who lives in his seat, said he could not complain about participating, but worried about congregations that did not have profitable work in the oil industry.

“I hate it because it raises prices not only for homes, but also for gases and food for the locals,” said McKay, a Louisiana resident. “Do not hurt us, but hurt the locals.”

PEDC intends to expand homes at affordable prices and use part of its territory, according to Winkles, in the price range of premature housing.

A large number of Pecos families were able to attract workers from the health and education sectors, says Seth Sorensen, the city’s manager. He said that some travelers visit their families on weekends and estimate that stock costs are 85-95%. The head of the city hopes more and more people feel at home in Pecos.

Sorensen stated that the city used its sales tax to cover infrastructure needs. I hope that oil activity will continue to grow.

“It is a blessing and a curse, a blessing that offers us many opportunities, but a curse that we can not do fast enough to keep everything,” Sorensen said.


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