Used Cars Butler Pa, Butler County man owns one of the few surviving KITT cars from ‘Knight Rider’

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Used Cars Butler Pa – A man in the Pittsburgh area had one of the few surviving cars used as KITT in the making of the 1980s television program, “Knight Rider.” Joe Huth, from Clay Township in Butler County, and his car featured in the “Garage Jay Leno” segment after a show posted on YouTube on Sunday.

Huth, 37, is a historian Knight Rider, after writing a book on the show, “Knight Rider: 30 Years A Lone Crusader and His Talking Car.” He runs a website, “Knight Rider Historians,” with fellow AJ Palmgren fans, Las Vegas. They also have a community page on Facebook and YouTube channels.

Used Cars Butler Pa

Huth and Palmgren each had one of the five remaining cars of the 20 or more used on the show, starring David Hasselhoff.

On Tuesday, Huth said he went to Burbank to film the episode with Leno in February. He said his car would appear on a television program on CNBC in May.

In the YouTube segment, Huth said he and Palmgren worked together to secure a car, an acrobatic car that had been exhibited at Universal Studios from 1988 to 1993.

Huth said the car had been seated, not used, behind a maintenance building for 15 years until 2008, when it was sent to a garbage yard in Los Angeles. They know about it, and buy it after only a few days.

KITT Huth was one of two made for the show, and featured in the last two seasons before the series ended in 1986 after four seasons.

The car was confirmed through studio modifications, body damage and frames that are consistent with heavy use, and studio markers are hidden in several locations, said Huth.

The car was the 1984 Pontiac Firebird dressed as Trans Am. As Palmgren and Huth inform Leno, the Two Thousand – KITT Knight Industry, if you like – whether 1982, 1983 or 1984 Firebird or Trans Am.

Knight Rider began airing in 1982, a year after Huth was born. Huth said he loved the show ever since he was 5 years old and first saw it in reruns – cars that could be talked about and destroyed that could jump over various things with his “turbo drive” to capture his imagination.

“There is something about the car, you know, doing all these fantastic actions and never being damaged. It only touched my heart,” he said.

Leno drove the KITT when he and Huth talked about the iconic show and vehicle. Leno, known for his personal car collection, said he was a little too old to be interested in the show when it aired, but was interested in the car.

“I have learned more about Knight Rider than I ever wanted,” Leno said. “These are cars that are part of a particular childhood generation.

“It’s nice to have the opportunity to drive a car like this that you have seen on TV,” Leno said.

Huth told Leno that his wife, Sarah, was initially tolerated, and more than 12 years had received, Knight Rider’s interest in her husband.

“I want to see this car end in a museum that will take care of it someday,” said Huth.


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