Used Cars Dover De, Auto Bits: Drivers dabble with drive-time decisions

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Used Cars Dover De – Tip of the Week

There are many decisions that must be made while driving, and the list only increases after you have your own wheel set. Are you facing a buying dilemma where making and the best model for you, or just wondering how much is too much to refuel, being a responsible driver comes with more choices than there are gears on a manual car.

Tire time

You might think that the biggest choice you will face when dealing with a car is the car you have. However, even after that main purchase, there were a large number of other parts that needed to be contemplated too – like tires! According to the latest installment from the Hankook Tire Gauge Index Survey, Americans are more likely to consider their tire safety rating (26 percent) than their car’s safety rating (18 percent).

Used Cars Dover De

And the decision doesn’t stop there. America split (50/50) on whether off-road tires are only intended for off-road cars. The truth is, while you can put them in vehicles for everyday driving, they are optimized for off-road use.

But whatever type of tire you spend, one thing is certain: Buying American-made products is. The gauge finds that 92 percent of Americans prefer to buy products made in the US. That’s up from 87 percent. this time last year. Fortunately, with more and more automotive companies such as Hankook manufacturing products in the US, there are many choices for consumers to consider.

Turns on or lights off?

Apparently, we really listened to our parents when they told us to turn off the overhead lights in the back seat. The Gauges find that more than half (58 percent) of Americans believe the “old father’s story” that is driving with your interior lights is illegal. Because this disturbs other drivers, experts recommend that you do not drive with interior lights.

That said, your mother is right about using low lights in foggy or rainy conditions. While more than a third (38 percent) of drivers think that high beam is the right choice for fog or rain, it can really create a strong reflection of water, making it harder to see.

Check the checklist

Let’s add another decision to the mix – when to serve your vehicle. How many miles do you actually have to go between service appointments? It depends on the car, seasonal driving conditions, how much driving you do, and a large number of other factors. However, many drivers use season change as a routine reminder to bring the car in, and this is a good schedule to survive. For example, car maintenance and tires are on the back-to-school checklist for 45 percent of Americans, but winter weather may not be noticed at that time. When the leaves fall and the temperature drops, it may be time to talk about what is needed for the coming cold months – whether it’s a new set of winter tires, or a pair of new windshield wipers.

To complete all this …

It can be very tempting to press the handle once or twice again to get the most from the gas station. In fact, 3 out of 5 Americans (60 percent) don’t think that the topping of your gas tank is bad for your car … but experts say that, and can actually cause further damage on the road! Topping off can overflow the tank and cause liquid gas to enter the charcoal tube or carbon filter, which in turn can damage your engine. Save yourself from potential maintenance headaches, and release the gas as soon as the pump dies.

Many of the choices that you make as responsible drivers go beyond finding which parking lot will be grabbed at a grocery store (for the record, 43 percent of Americans will park as close to the shop entrance as they can). But the decision does not need to be confusing, provided you keep informed about the schedules and maintenance needs of your vehicle, and know the options available to you so that your trip stays smooth and your car is well maintained.

– Brandpoint

Do you know
The new advertising campaign hopes to increase awareness of the dangers of children who ride cars without being completely secured in the right car seat, booster seat, or seat belt. When used properly, these safety restrictions can dramatically reduce the risk of death or injury. According to the 2017 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, 675 children younger than 13 were killed while riding passenger vehicles. In addition, more than one in three (35%) of those killed did not use car seats, booster seats or seat belts.

Car statistics
The AAA project 54.3 million Americans will travel for this year’s Thanksgiving holiday, up 4.8 percent from a year ago. with 2.5 million more people taking roads, sky, rail and waterways in the country compared to last year. INRIX, a global mobility analytic company, said its forecast showed that travel time in the most densely populated cities in the United States (New York, Boston and San Francisco) could be four times longer than usual.


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