Used Cars For Sale Boise, 13 common mistakes people make when they buy a new car

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Used Cars For Sale Boise – Does your heart fall into your stomach thinking of buying a car? Stress due to making a big purchase and, I dare say, negotiating, can tire the crowds, they are ready to say yes to anything at the dealer to get their new car and get out. Knowing the common mistakes people make can help you avoid them – mistakes, not salespeople. So this is the main one.

Do not do your homework on the value of the vehicle
Don’t just look at the place closest to you when looking for the car you want. Look around to get a price, and don’t forget to find out what your selling value is, if you have it. Here we will talk about the mistakes made by people by not looking for prices for new, used and trading vehicles.

Used Cars For Sale Boise

Don’t compare prices with new cars
Even though it may be tempting to go to that one dealer on the road instead of jumping online to check the prices of some dealers around the city, you can lose money to do so.

If you know the car you want, find out which seller in your area sells it. Dealers everywhere advertise how far below the MSRP is the price of their vehicle. MSRP stands for manufacturers suggesting retail prices, which are mostly based on production costs.

The window sticker on the car must show the MSRP and break down the costs that go into it, including all optional equipment (and how much it costs) included with the car. So, if you find a model that you really like, you can see the window sticker to see the price variations in the different trims for that model. The same type of car might be several hundred dollars cheaper in different colors.

After you find a low-priced ad on the vehicle you want in your area, you can go to the dealer at the lowest price, or take an ad that shows the lowest price to the dealer that is most comfortable for you, and ask them to meet or beat it.

Do not check automatic guides on used cars
While used cars do not have MSRPs, there are three industry standards that you can use to determine their value: the Automotive Kelley Blue (KBB) guide, Edmunds, and the National Car Dealer Association (NADA) guide. Dealers and lenders use it to determine the price and value of a vehicle.

If the price listed in one of the guidelines is below the price of a car sticker, then the car is too expensive. Show the dealer or seller that you are doing your research. Cars must be priced around what the guide states are fair market prices based on location and condition. If the seller does not agree to offer a price that is close to that number, look for another vehicle or other seller.

Not looking for the value of your trade-in
Similar to used cars, you can find value for your trade in the automotive guide. Most guides have a variety of values ​​that tell you what you can expect for the car depending on the condition of the car and to whom you sell it. You can usually get more for your trade if you sell it yourself.

If you want to sell it, you can post it for sale on sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Autotrader. Of course, you then have the hassle of replying to prospective buyers and setting a time to meet so they can see and test the vehicle.

Most people prefer to trade on their old vehicle at a dealer, which often offers prices that are less than the price of the car. Actually, you pay a dealer to handle the hassle of selling a car for you.

Make sure you don’t pay them a lot. Look for the value of your trade-in before you leave, so you will know what the value is and the person or seller who bought it will not escape it.

Focusing on cars over car loans
Because it is shiny, beautiful, and smells good like a new car or a new car maybe, remember, you don’t just pay for a vehicle, you pay a loan for that. This is the mistake that people make in financing their cars.

Only talk to one lender
Know what APR you can get before you kick a few tires. Having lots of loan offers before you shop for a car has several advantages.

The first advantage is that you can choose the best loan offer. If you only get one loan offer and approve it, you won’t know whether you can receive a much better APR with a different lender. Every lender has his own requirements. You can qualify for a different APR depending on the lender.

By shopping around, you can easily avoid the main way dealers make money. Dealers can often increase the APR on the loans you get through them. For example, a dealer might be able to charge you 7% APR, with 5% going to the lender and 2% above going to the dealer. If you don’t talk to many creditors and see what you can get, you won’t know that you really qualify for 5% APR and you will probably say yes to 7% APR.

The second advantage of comparing offers is that you can plan your budget more accurately. With a loan offer in hand, you will know how much you can borrow, your APR and thus what price range you can consider when looking at a vehicle.

Refuse to talk financially with the dealer
Some people will bring a loan offer to the dealer and refuse to talk to the dealer finance office. This is wrong. Not asking a dealer to beat a loan offer means you can leave money on the table.

Dealers want you to finance through them. Lenders often give dealer search fees to each customer who gets a loan from them through a dealer. Unlike the first method, dealers can make money from loans (by increasing your APR), this method is useful for you, because the dealer will want to beat the loan offer you have, because the lenders they partner will often pay for it. .

Overall, dealers may not be able to beat your loan offer. But whether they can or cannot, by asking them to defeat it, you will know that you get the best deal.

Focus on monthly payments
Many of the main considerations of people when buying a vehicle are advance payments and monthly payments. Those are the two biggest factors because this is the easiest way to understand how loans and cars affect their finances directly. However, if you focus on the monthly price, not the total price, you give the dealer the opportunity to hide additional products there.

For example, if you tell the dealer that you want a monthly payment of $ 321, and it turns out that the loan with the car you want reaches $ 290 per month, the dealer can turn around and say, ‘Hi, I have good news, you can have a $ car payment 321 which includes an extended warranty! Sign here. ”

Suddenly, you just issued $ 1,500 for an extended warranty, which you may not know much about or even want.

There are many “add-ons” available at dealers, including extended guarantees and insurance such as GAP, life and disability. All of these things can be beneficial depending on the person and the vehicle. But don’t just accept them. An increase in monthly payments of $ 20 may not sound like much, but more than six years, plus the APR you pay to finance it, certainly increases. You can negotiate the price of this product, so talk about how much each cost is overall, not monthly.

Rolling negative equity
If you have a car trade-in, the first thing you should do after consulting an automotive guide to find out what the price of this car is to find out how much you owe. If a car is smaller than you have, you have negative equity.

The most popular way to deal with this is to add differences, or “roll over” negative equity, to your new loan. Financially, this is not a good idea. You tend not to get a new loan because the loan for the money is more than the price of the new car. This can also get you trapped in a trap where every time you want a new car, you are stuck with negative equity from the previous car.

Ignore your budget or not have it
If you know you can only pay $ 321 per month in car payments (not including car insurance), don’t let someone persuade you to pay $ 400 per month in payment. If the loan you get for a car that you like can only reach $ 400 per month, that means you need to find a different car to like. You don’t want to miss a meal to pay for it, or you can’t make a payment and have it taken over.

To be sure to decide what you can afford, you must first find out your budget. A good rule of thumb is that all your bills (rent, insurance, car payments, etc.) must be around 50% of your income. So look at your income and bills that you already have to see the margin between how many of your bills are added up to 50% of your total income. The difference is payment of a car that you can pay comfortably.

The general rule about automotive financing is that for every $ 1,000 you finance, your monthly payment goes up by $ 15, depending on your interest rate. Say the car you like is worth $ 20,000, and taxes will cost up to $ 22,000 (taxes, tags, and license fees can add up to 10% of the price of the sticker, depending on the state). That rule of thumb will tell you to budget around $ 330 for monthly payments ($ 15 x 22 = $ 330). Or you can do more math: Most car loans are for 72 months (6 years), and if you estimate your loan APR will be 5%, then your monthly payment is $ 355. Of course, the rule of thumb is – a guideline. Doing the right calculation or using a loan calculator can help you budget more precisely.

Do things too fast
Buying a car can be a big and tense event, so it’s understandable why you want to get it over with. However, you should not treat the process like tearing a bandage.

Don’t walk far
If you are unsure about a car or a car loan and want time to think about it, take the time to think about it. Leave the dealer and rest. Make sure you make the right decision for yourself, and don’t feel very pressured to make decisions quickly.

A salesperson might say that the car you want today can be lost tomorrow if you leave without buying it. That’s right, that special car can be sold. But manufacturers make thousands of vehicles every day and people trade used cars all the time. You can always find others to meet your needs, which is better than being stuck in something you don’t like or can’t.

Being rude to the seller
In the end, the people at the dealership are the people you rely on to provide services. This article has discussed what some of the more unpleasant people can do at the dealership, but does not take into account the hard work and customer service that many dealer employees actually do to help car buyers.

Many veteran salespeople in the car business are there because they enjoy and specialize in helping you make one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. If you are disrespectful towards them, you might find that it takes longer to do everything, and it may be more difficult to negotiate about prices – basically, it is everyone’s best interest to practice public courtesy. Take advantage of the skills of a good salesperson, and don’t let others use you.


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