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Used Cars For Sale In Parkersburg Wv – In the US, the basic price of Toyota RAV4 is around $ 24,500 (all prices in US dollars). If Donald Trump continues to upset and swell and blow up his house at the proposed rate, that same vehicle can cost as much as $ 33,861. Because many of these vehicles were made here in Canada and exported to the US, they will also destroy our homes. We will not be caught up in the international trade warfare; we will be in the crosshairs.

About 20 models of vehicles sold in the US are currently produced here in Canada. If Trump proposes a 25 percent tariff for the industry, that would be a total disaster, according to Jerry Dias, president of Unifor, a trade union representing Canadian automotive workers. “Nearly 85 percent of the vehicles we produce are exported to the American market. But he will destroy his own workers at this rate too. ”

Used Cars For Sale In Parkersburg Wv

That’s because many components – small and large – used in Canadian-made Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda and Toyota vehicles were taken from the south of the border.

That said, Dias thought that it was impossible for the scenario to play as threatened. “Trump is playing politics ahead of the mid-autumn election,” he explained. Economic reality does not only destroy our automotive industry, it will also disrupt what is in America. “60 percent of the parts for our industry are from the US,” Dias said. “Trump will have to overcome how thousands of workers laid off there will be affected.” This is before the rates applied from large steel suppliers such as China are taken into account in the equation. Trump pulled the thread and threatened to break down the sweaters. If the world is a sweater.

“It plays well with the US union,” Dias said. “People may not realize that the US Steel Workers Union has more members of forestry than steel; we need their steel for our cars, but they need our softwood more than before. Fires and floods take their toll, these rates come directly to consumers. “The cheering members of the tariff will do well to remember how many parts Canada bought, and how many Americans will lose their jobs too. Damage will occur everywhere, including the voters of Trump himself. Dias noted that statements from American unions expressed their support for Trump’s tariffs, but also included asterisks: “except Canada”.

What rate will this increase the cost of the car? According to the latest research, in addition to the RAV4, four other Canadian-made vehicles are part of the top 20 sellers in the US. The Honda CR-V will experience price increases between $ 2,454 to $ 3,075; Chevrolet Equinox, $ 6,131 to $ 8,499; Toyota Corolla, $ 1,952 to 2,370; Honda Civic, $ 2,223 to 2,769. Because we export most of what we produce, our own prices will skyrocket together. We cannot produce small quantities of cars and expect the same economic scale.

While Dias does not believe tariffs will really pay off (“Workers on both sides will be slaughtered; common sense will win”), he noted that car manufacturers will use the biggest sticks. “They will not respect ignorance, to make Trump happy. There will be zero investment unless they can base it on a sound business plan. “Threats and tariffs are the opposite of sound, and billions of dollars in investment will be parked or moved elsewhere. This applies to both sides of the border, which means that Trump poisoned his own well.

Automotive consultant Dennis DesRosiers is more outspoken. “This will be the most powerful economic event in Canadian history,” he warned. With one in seven jobs in the country tied directly or indirectly to the automotive sector, he warned that the domino effect could lead to a worse fall than the depression of the 1930s. “Canadian vehicles make up ten percent of the American market,” DesRosiers explained. “Add in Mexico and other markets he threatens, and you are looking for forty percent of their market. The American industry at the dealer level alone employs 1.5 million people. Reduce it to 40 percent, and he blew up his own country. ”

If you think that American buyers can easily overcome Canadian concerns, remember that they are importing more vehicles and parts than Canadian ones. Even American vehicles and the best-selling – pickup trucks – will be hit because of components made in Canada and Mexico: the price of Ford F-Series can rise from $ 2,572 to $ 5,746; Chevy Silverado, $ 3,993 to $ 7,650; 1500 Ram, $ 3.063 to $ 6.298. If you work in the automotive industry, there will be no place to export your spare parts, and chances are that every major producer only pulls the hand brake on future investments.

Problem? Ripple effects and even threats and ultimatums are real. “Canada exported $ 63 billion (Cdn) of cars in 2016, 96 percent of them to the US, according to Statistics Canada and the US Census Bureau. On top of that, the country exported around $ 21 billion (Cdn) in auto parts in the year 2016 – 90 percent of them were sent to the south of the border … “according to the CBC report. The threat is real, and it is straightforward. We have experienced the explosion of the automotive industry in the past, and we are all smart enough to realize that it is not just businesses that are closed, but whole community.

DesRosiers stressed that the threat of Trump’s administration was very ridiculous, but also said, “With such idiots, I give the same opportunity. I have never underestimated how stupid a fool is. ”

I hope Dias is right, and the manufacturer will refuse to play with children who continue to threaten to take the ball and go home.


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