Used Cars For Sale In Victorville Ca, Hitting the housing wall: Are discouraged buyers behind a sales slowdown?

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Used Cars For Sale In Victorville Ca, Hitting the housing wall: Are discouraged buyers behind a sales slowdown? – Todd and Jennifer Martindale wanted to sell their house in Whittier and buy a house next to a large kitchen for their family and their children to Placentia.

Two months later they went to search. Rising prices and rising interest rates prevented new housing estates in this area, even with the extra cash they deserve by selling their old house.

“Our mortgages could produce $ 400 or $ 500 a month, which we simply could not do,” said software developer Todd Martindale, 43. “We saw that the grass on the other side is not greener.”

Used Cars For Sale In Victorville Ca

Victorville owner Cory McJimson and his wife are making a break from their “hard” quest since December. The couple wanted to come close to home and near San Bernardo, but the houses sell 140,000 and 190,000 dollars in relation to the price ranges.

“Such a prize struck me, even a huge lead,” says 34-year-old Tax Inspector McJimson. “Now we think and try to find another situation because the prices have continued to grow and I have never seen them.”

Depression factors such as Martindale and McJimson may, due to the current downturn in the market, make them from Southern California. In a clear market where families stay longer and owners discard their income.

According to CoreLogic, after three years of uncontrolled sales and rising housing prices, Southern California has seen a fall in sales in the past 12 months. The California Realtors Association, which replicates its home sales, fell from last year in the last 12 months.

As a result, the number of flats sold on the market has increased.

According to Steve Thomas Housing Report, immigration in southern California reached nearly 23,000 homes by 23 August, nearly 7,100, or 18 per cent, over the same period last year.

“Sellers have been tracking the property market for years and various offers have been generated almost immediately after the government’s sale,” Thomas said in his latest report. Thomas wrote that the current market “does not recommend sellers or buyers”.

So where are all the customers?

Market analysts say that many prices are falling.

“High house prices and rising interest rates have reduced real estate ownership, which reduces home sales,” said Steve White, CEO of the California Real Estate Agency. “Some of the customers’ moderation seem to be motivated by the fear that the market will peak.”

Duplicated price
It’s not about auctioning, or prices are no longer stalled.

In South California, the average home price was $ 537,000 in June, and CoreLogic was the second largest in July for $ 530,000.

Average house prices have risen nearly six and a half years ago, and CoreLogic’s homeowners’ experts predict that rising prices will continue at least until mid-2019.

Houses at affordable prices and in good shape are still selling quickly with a number of bids and requiring local operators.

And sellers receive high revenue. The Southern California median has doubled since January 2012.

Jim Lee and Nancy Hamai sold their home in July at Uptown Whittier for $ 109,000 more than in 2015, depending on the cost. They took the opportunity to pay a deposit to a larger house a few miles from the sharp Mar Vista height.

Assessment “made the transition a bit less painful,” said Lee, 51, who works for representation.

Luke and Molly Caldwell deserve $ 215,000 by selling their home in July to Habra, though they did not like investing $ 100,000 to repair their home. Nor is Lukesh’s capital.

“I’ve done all the work,” said Luke Caldwell, 36, the general contractor and swimmer. Four years after Caldwell bought La Habra, Luca broke the walls, renewed pipes, tubes and gardens and set up a solar system.

“I was always busy,” Luke said. “It was a love affair.”

Caldwell planned to stay in La Habrille. Then they saw the opportunity to buy on Huntington Beach, closest to Luke’s friends and family. They sold the house and had three bids for three days.

“We sold a week, he was a great salesman,” Luke said. Huntington Beach’s buyer’s “competition was terrible”.

Caldwell’s La Habra House was an exception, told Agent Linda Domis of Keller Williams Realty.

“If the house (house) does not work properly, it will remain stable,” Domis said. “Mortgage rates are rising, tax deductions are declining, availability decreases, and whenever interest rates rise by a quarter of a percentage point, the buyer loses $ 10,000 in purchasing power.”

Rent forever

A recent analysis of Zillow’s site has shown that a typical millennium home should save over a decade in need of $ 115,040 to pay a 20% deposit. Leaves in Southern California.

High house prices and stagnant wage increase are just some of the factors that “encourage potential buyers to postpone ownership of the house,” says’s director Justin LaJoie.

Valerie McClain, who lived in the San Gabriel, said the decision to leave home last year could lead to his condemnation forever.

“Do I have to wait or buy something I do not want to get into the real estate market,” says McClain, 45, who works in the healthcare sector. “I’m old, if I do not visit the real estate market over the next two years, I do not think I’m trying.” The last thing I want to do is to pay a mortgage during our retirement.

McClain, alone, said that he and his representatives had visited 20 properties for the last three years he had spent at home, releasing half a dozen.

“Every item we tried to find was a lot of money buyers who had already offered,” McClain said. “Several times hit the wall with this problem.”

The house where it was offered, a bedroom with three bedrooms and a swimming pool in Covani, was sold at the beginning of 2016 to a customer with a fully-fledged buyer for $ 380,000.

He estimates that the same house today has some $ 440,000, “outside of my price range.”

Like McClain, Whittier Chante Contreras and his wife stopped in 2016 because the only houses they could afford were very small or repaired.

“We did not have the money to rent a workshop,” said Contreras, 33, a logistics coordinator at Alta Dena Dairy. “It became very stressful and the rejection was every day.


The Martindale plan spends five years at home. There were nine and now they hope they are still a little longer.

He has a large garden – a good cat, Archie and his two dogs, a laboratory combination called Buddy and Goldendoodle named Emmet. But the kitchen is very small.

They paid $ 375,000 in 2009, they received $ 530,000 in February and bid up to $ 565,000. But they eventually came out of the market as they realized that they could not find anything near Placentia.

“We knew our home is really beautiful,” said Todd Martindale. “We’re going to add more houses, that’s more than we wanted.”

The couple repairs the kitchen and returns one bathroom.

His 11-year-old son now moves home school to remove a 30-minute drive.

They are not going to continue to study soon.

“If we move, it is probably not right,” Martindale said. “If the market is not”


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