Used Cars For Sale In West Palm Beach, Buyer beware: How to avoid buying a used Uber or Lyft car

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Used Cars For Sale In West Palm Beach – If you want to buy a used car – beware! Former Uber and Lyft vehicles have sprung up in many used cars without warning to you, prospective buyers. Experts tell us that their wear is worse than what used to be used cars, which can cause expensive repairs and maintenance for the next owner.

West Palm Beach resident Ben Sturgell is looking for the next vehicle in a used car park on Old Okeechobee Road. He wanted to know the history behind what he would eventually buy. “I don’t want to get a lemon car,” Sturgell said. “I want to find something reliable, something safe.”

Used Cars For Sale In West Palm Beach

For history, like many Americans, Sturgell turned into Carfax – a web-based company that supplies historical vehicle reports on used cars.

Sturgell said it was important to know the story of a car because before the vehicle ended up in a widely used place, they could belong to people like Uber driver David Hall.

Hall said on a busy night he could have 40 passengers, “you keep letting people go and let people go.”

This type of driving with a large city distance can cause damage, according to Angel Borges, owner of Angel’s Auto Care.

“Especially idling,” Borges said. “So, it adds mileage to the engine that isn’t really recorded on your odometer.”

That is why transporting vehicles such as taxis and limos, Borges said, is required by law to be labeled as a commercial vehicle in their historical reports, to protect consumers.

Even though Hall cars are used in the same way as taxis, when we pull the Carfax online, it is labeled as a “private” vehicle. Is this a mistake? We bought three other Carfax reports for the actual Uber trip we did in West Palm Beach. All three are labeled as “private” vehicles.

At present a ride-sharing service does not need to tell the next owner that countless foreigners are in the back seat, Borges said, and state lawmakers need to step in.

“I would not say that Uber did it intentionally, but because they were not given a mandate, it was something they lacked to worry about and something they lacked to do,” Borges said. “It does affect buyers.”

If the cars were sold, Borges said buyers would be trapped in paying up to 35 percent more than a car that is actually worth.

“They will face more care items,” he said. “This is unexpected expenses for unexpected costs.”

It has the potential to make people like Sturgell with lighter bags and cars that he never wanted.

“It’s a buyer’s nightmare,” he said.

We contacted Emily, Florida, Emily Slosberg’s Rep. On this issue and she said that ride sharing services need to be held to the same standards, “I am considering submitting a law to create a level of competition,” he said.

But until then, below are some red signs to look for to avoid buying Uber or Lyft vehicles used:

Check Carfax. If you see an excessive number of miles in a very short time, it is a red flag
Check the back seat. If you see extensive wear on the coating and door handles which are red flags.
Check the front window. If you see any leftovers from Uber, Lyft, or airport permits which are red flags.
As for machines, Borges said to always have a mechanical check for things hidden from untrained eyes.


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