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Used Cars For Sale In Zanesville Ohio – Some dealer customers who have now closed in Zanesville with family ties to Washington politics have been in a car limbo after not receiving their title. Police Zanesville told ABC 6 On Your Side Investigates that they had an open investigation into Balderson Motor Sales. Congressman Troy Balderson was under a microscope, after 20 people filed a complaint with the Ohio Prosecutor’s office against the dealer.

Some customers told ABC 6 On Your Side Investigates that they never received their title and got an escape. Jess Kane was one of the customers who filed complaints and reports with Zanesville police. Kane received his title for his Jeep Liberty with help from the Ohio Attorney General office eight months after he bought it from Balderson Motor Sales.

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“I spent a lot of money on it thinking I would be fine but not only there was no title but everything that was wrong with it also became a bit smelly,” Kane said.

Kane is the mother of two children and needs her car to support her family. He is on the pin and the needle is driving to work and return. Kane said the dealer gave him two temporary labels and then the dealer plate expired when he questioned the existence of his title.

“I have to be absent from work several times because I can’t drive without one,” Kane said.

Kane said he did not believe the answer he finally got.

“They will be like us honestly pawn against your car now. I say what, “Kane said.

Zanesville police detective Tom Porter said he had an open investigation into Balderson Motor Sales, specifically Thomas Balderson. Detective Porter said he was investigating the theft of money from $ 600 to $ 30,000 to title fraud. Porter said there was no connection to Troy Balderson in this case.

“I think what he thinks about all this,” Kane said.

Congressman Troy Balderson sent ABC 6 On Your Side Investigating a statement.

In it, Balderson stated that he handed over the operational control of the family business to his brother in 2008 after the election to the Ohio State Legislature. He went on to say that his business had gone through a difficult period after he left like any other small business at the time, and that he understood his brother had other problems he faced and fully supported a thorough investigation by the attorney general.

“Tommy should be back in June when they asked him to finish this faster,” said Bobby Nutter, owner of Nutter Motorsales.

Bobby Nutter said he used to work for Baldersons in sales and finance. He now has his own dealer where Balderson Motors used to be on Taylor Street. Nutter said he didn’t know about the title issue until this year.

“Not until people start complaining, (when that happened) um, February,” said Nutter.

Twenty people have filed complaints with the Ohio Prosecutor’s office against Balderson Motor Sales and mostly about not getting their degree.

“You tend to think that you are at risk when you buy from an individual but when you go to a legitimate parking lot and buy it and this happens, it’s like a kick on your face,” Carma Ross said.

Ross said he used to work at Baldersons in the late 90s and bought another car from them without problems until he bought this truck in January 2016.

“It’s sitting here,” Ross said.

He can’t drive it and still doesn’t have a degree more than two years later.

“I’m in a car limbo now. I can’t sell trucks I can’t insure the truck technically because it’s not given a title in my name, the book is titled at Balderson Motor Sales and I don’t think I can legally drive a truck, “Ross said.

Nutter told ABC 6 Next to You Investigating that he was summoned by the attorney general’s office and in July testified about every question about the Balderson title being questioned.

“Trying to get the title people and get their license plates so they can drive their cars they buy,” said Nutter.

After stopping at Tom Balderson’s house twice and leaving the card, he sent ABC 6 On Your Side Investigating a statement via email. Balderson stated that he is currently working with the attorney general’s office to resolve all complaints filed.

“Nobody offered an apology. That is one thing, if you are going to do something wrong, at least offer an apology, that is something I have not yet gotten, “Kane said.

Nutter disagrees again after hearing about their difficulties.

“Yes, I believe they all deserve an apology from Tommy because these people worked hard to buy a car and they could not drive or could not get a number plate for them, many of them got tickets,” said Nutter.

Nutter said he straightened the mistake while trying to set a name for himself.

“I’m worried about the stigma attached to you working for him and now it’s your shop, you are a part that I don’t separate,” Nutter said.

Of the 20 complaints with the AG office, seven remain open. No charges were filed in cases handled by Zanesville police. The detective in the case said he hoped to complete his investigation in mid-October.


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