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Used Cars For Sale Under 10000 – There is an outstanding idea that everyone who wears a suit to make a living must have their car in a financial agreement. Not like that! It’s possible to have something that has the same weight in a company car park, as comfortable and equally good to drive for £ 10,000 if you buy used.

We have compiled some of the best executive models – especially saloons, although many of them have equivalent real estate models. All the cars here will provide loyal service for years, hike the highways and underground – although many of them will also provide some fair laughter in the rural lanes too. Most importantly, they will be happy to do double duty as a week-long comfortable cruiser and family bus on weekends.

Used Cars For Sale Under 10000

BMW 5 Series

There is a reason why the BMW 5 Series has proven to be a choice that can be overhauled for decades now – with a serious level of equipment, good efficiency and quality to support all that, that’s arguably the benchmark for competition.

As a result of its popularity, there are many in the second hand market – and many in our budget here. So long-term reliability may be questionable for the old example, so the key to getting something properly guarded – but the fair distance from the beginning of this decade is a lot in this part of the market.

Lexus IS

Lexus may not have the same level of prestige in Britain as a German rival – but its products are known for their quality and reliability. Oh, and because they are not very popular, depreciation tends to hit hard – meaning there are many offers that can be obtained from the market used.

With a net cast of £ 10 thousand, it’s very easy to get a very good example and not too long. At the top is the 2012 IS 250 model, hovering around the 60,000 mile mark and equipped with features such as a reverse camera, navigation and Bluetooth connectivity.

Mercedes C-Class

Merc baby sedans have always been a solid favorite with executives, thanks to the appeal of literature that is very important and involves driving experience. Even though the quality of the building has faltered over the years, it is still a good choice for those who want to do many miles with a good level of comfort.

At this price point you will be flooded with options. You will be able to get a 2014 plate car for under 10,000, although like this type of car, see full service history and miles that are not sky-high.

Jaguar XF

XF is probably the product that saves Jaguar from irrelevance. Coming from the back of the old and soft S-Type and X-Type, the XF shows the world that Jaguar can be contemporary, European and forward-thinking.

The result is a car that is now available at a price of less than £ 10,000, but looks good, a good drive and if observed can even be proven reliable. It debuted features that have become commonplace in new Jags – such as increased gear selector and rotating air vents – and introduced a design language that remains to this day.

Audi A5

Audi proves that the coupe can be the perfect alternative to the executive saloon when releasing the A5. After all, how many people actually use their back seats regularly?

The A5 is basically an A4 saloon under the skin, so this is easy and convenient to drive with the security of a four-wheel drive quattro in many versions. Choose the ‘Ultra’ model and you will get exceptional fuel economy – choose the sporty S5 and you will run more than anyone at the traffic lights. At £ 10k, there must be an A5 for everyone.

Volvo S60

Swedes are experts in building bulletproof motors, but are comfortable and the Volvo S60 is no different – no matter the age.

Smooth-but-stylish, the S60 has always proven to be a strong alternative to traditional German competition and an excellent prospect for executive buyers on a budget. With £ 10k to play with, examples of recent basic specs as of 2015 can be had on a budget – although choosing older older models will capture you R-Design with more equipment.

Volkswagen CC

You can choose a boring old Passat in this area. But you can also decide to choose a style more than practicality and go for the swoopier, classy class – Passat CC, then named only CC.

This made the most of the benefits of Passat – a solid interior and a strong engine lineup in two special highlights – but added a dipped coupe body. £ 10k will allow you to choose classified ads – we make special models of medium-sized diesel with low mileage for only £ 9,000.

BMW 3 Series

Just like the Mercedes C-Class, the BMW 3 Series is the main choice in the exec class. Why? It’s a combination of good looks, the charm of a badge, and a good range of machines that make it very popular.

Again, you will be able to choose from a large number of cars for under our budget, as well as various different machines as well.

Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes’ E-Class has been around for decades, and it makes a name for itself as a luxury of the middle class. There is a certain class of aura given by three-pointed stars – more than almost any other badge – and it’s supported by a very powerful engine range and a very comfortable ride.

You will not pocket the latest models with all the high-tech features for our budget, but you will get a previous generation that is sharply styled instead, and that is not a bad thing. Choose one of the V6 diesel engines for the best E-Class experience.

Ford Mondeo

Of course, Mondeo occupies a class under the rest of the cars here – this is definitely a mainstream brand rather than premium or executive choice. But there is no denying that it is good to drive, well equipped in the form of Titanium X and really making it up.

While ten thousand big ones will buy you a good example of a premium car, it will buy you a Mondeo that is barely running – or one of the latest models, benefiting from new technology and security equipment. This is also a less obvious choice than most people here, mingling with the crowd rather than standing out of it.


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