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Used Cars Jacksonville Nc – It’s normal to see a storage container in someone’s driveway. But UPS’s use of PODS to store and deliver packages during the holidays has disappointed people in two neighborhoods in Jacksonville. Neighbors contacted I-TEAM to ask for help, wondering why international shipping services were allowed to do business outside the storage unit that sat on someone’s entrance in the residential area.

We first learned about the concern when a man who lived on Westside gave a picture showing a package of shipping a UPS truck to a PODS container near his home and then left. We risked it and found out after the driver left, another UPS worker came and put the box into the golf cart for shipping. Apparently, this routine has occurred since Thanksgiving.

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But that doesn’t only happen at Westside. We found the same shipping process took place about three miles away in the Avondale community, and neighbors and parents were not happy about it.

“Noise, UPS employees get in and out of PODS all day, every day, hour after hour,” complained Davina Packer, who lives next to a temporary “hub” and has two small children.

“I have a small dog, which tells me (to UPS drivers), of course that makes it bark all day. I go to my children’s home, so we are at home all day. So we are there for this constant interruption,” he added .

He said with PODS located right on the property line between his house and his neighbor, he could not see at the end of the road, which limited his visibility when his children wanted to walk to play with friends in a house of two houses from his home.

Craig Curell’s children play with Packer children.

“One thing we like about staying here at Avondale is the aspect of the community to be able to see our neighbors,” he explained. “We have three small children and can only get out of our homes, we cannot see them because there are large PODS on the road.”

Both said there were more cars along the road, with additional workers accessing PODS, which caused traffic jams. Narrow road. Cars must be parked by stumbling with each other to allow traffic flow.

Packer said he no longer allowed his children to play on the front page because of his proximity to PODS and UPS workers.

“There are different people coming to (PODS) every day. I don’t know who these workers are. I don’t know if they are seasonal. I don’t know if they are ordinary employees. I don’t like the idea of ​​all these workers here, basically right in front of my property all day and my children are there, “he said.

I-TEAM contacted Mayor Lenny Curry’s office to find out whether the method of storing and shipping packages using PODS was a violation of the city code. We call City Council Member Jim Love too. Love symbolizes District 14, which includes houses where two PODS sit in the residential entrance.

Before I-TEAM had the opportunity to contact UPS for comment, a company spokesman reached out to respond to a call received from a board member. The spokesperson wanted to make sure we knew the UPS complies with all local laws – the use of storage containers and golf carts is on board.

“PODS storage is actually a transition point that we use in some areas during the holiday season,” Matt O’Connor said. “We actually worked with the Jacksonville City Planning Department to use a temporary storage facility that fits the area.”

According to O’Connor, the shipping system is used between Thanksgiving and Christmas to handle dramatic increases in shipping requests, and the company compensates homeowners where PODS is parked. He said there were dozens of PODs parked in the Northeast Florida neighborhood and community to help accelerate package delivery in high-volume areas.

“We really received a lot of positive comments,” O’Connor said about sending golf carts. “There is a little package truck traffic and is quieter. So overall, there are a lot of positive comments.”

He said the company did not know the neighbors were angry about PODS and was surprised to learn that we saw one of the UPS drivers responsible for sending packages at Westside to urinate in public twice outside the house where he was parked.

We also saw a driver deliver a package out of PODS at Avondale, putting what looked like three packages on the roof of a golf cart without securing them, and then driving through the neighborhood to make deliveries.

Based on that information and concerns among neighbors about the two PODS, O’Connor said the UPS would immediately remove it. “We will be good neighbors, and we will make the adjustments needed to be good neighbors for them,” he said.

Within 24 hours, the two PODs were removed from the entrance.

UPS said it has used the same PODS / golf cart delivery system throughout the country for around two to three years. If you have questions or problems, you can contact 1-800- PICK UPS or chat online with a company representative at

We must mention, both Mayor Curry and the Love Council Members found no reason to believe UPS violated local regulations, but we are waiting to hear if the city believes that the use of PODS can open doors for other businesses to sell or operate from PODS storage in the environment housing. We will keep you posted.


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