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Used Cars Valdosta Ga – Matt Selen has worked with cars in certain ways throughout his life. Just out of high school, Selen will buy and sell cars, and then he sells car insurance. When buying and selling cars, Selen developed the skills for his current line of work: detailing cars, he said. Selen found that by doing a good job detailing a car, he could sell cars faster.

He has the urge to work with cars and that leads to new businesses, he said. “I know I want to do something that involves cars every day and I know I want to help,” said Selen. When selling car insurance, he details the car on the side, he said. A few days, he made more money detailing cars than he did in two weeks selling insurance.

Used Cars Valdosta Ga

“My entrepreneurial side kicked in, and I made a business plan,” Selen said.

Selen bought a van and started a cellular car detailing service, Optional Automatic Details, July 23, 2016.

“I started with one van and did it myself,” Selen said. “Then, I recruited a good friend who has a detailed background.”

In August 2017, Selen opened a physical location at 3477 Bemiss Road, he said. He cut off the cellphone detail part of the business.

“I am aware of too many juggling shops and cellphone details with two employees,” he said.

But he wants to return the details of the cellphone and has trained new employees, he said.

Last month, Selen moved to 4654 Val Tech Road and reopened the business cellphone section.

“It feels really good,” Selen said about reopening cellular services. “… As soon as we cut it, we realized how many of my clients liked our convenience just coming to them. They organize our schedule. We will go out every week, and they will say here where my car is and this is a check. ”

Selen will serve cars wherever he can arrange his van, he said. There is no fee for cellular services as long as the vehicle is within 30 miles of his office.

All aspects of the mobile are designed to provide quality results, but also comfort, he said. Many potential clients are too busy without their cars for one or two hours.

“We have a saying: The hardest thing for our customers is to hand over their keys,” Selen said.

Along with adding cellular services back, this new location has more than double the available space for Optional Auto Details.

At the Bemiss location, the company shares a room with a company called Vinyl Destination, said Selen. The two companies remain busy, and the Optional Automatic Details expand the space.

“So, we need to branch off and leave the nest,” Selen said.

Selected Auto Detail is able to utilize around 600 square feet in the Bemiss location. At the new location, Detail Auto Options has access to around 1,600 square feet.

With its new arrangement, Selen uses cellular services for convenience and simple detail services. Physical locations are used for polishing, ceramic coatings and other types of work that require a controlled environment.

Selen said the business was still carrying out simple details in the physical location, but customers could also use cellular services.

Preferred Auto Details offers its services in a series of packages designed around routine maintenance, said Selen.

The package starts only with what the car needs every week outside and with a quick vacuum and cleaning on the inside. The next level includes a more detailed clean interior.

The last detail package is called the details of the showroom, said Selen.

“We shampoo, polish and remove stains,” he said. “Anything and everything that the car needs will be adjusted in this package.”

These packages are designed for repeat customers.

Most of Selen’s businesses are not traditional details. He placed a ceramic coating on the paint after detailing and polishing the vehicle.

“This is one thing that sets us apart,” he said. “We are only authorized and certified installers from South Georgia.”

Coating represents a new technology to protect car paint from two to seven years, he said.

Coating removes extra waxing, he said. Cars only need general cleaning and maintenance.

“This is designed where we will do a big job and then do a maintenance package where we clean the car once a week, once every two weeks, once a month to keep it clean, because that is all that is really needed,” Selen said.

In addition to regular cleaning and coating, Selen conducts deep cleaning, he said. Most of these clients tend to drive vans or mini-vans; they have a family that has children who stain vehicles.

“Most clients who use us only need a bigger job once,” he said. “I call it ‘mobile mother.’ They usually come once, maybe twice, a year and need deep cleansing. ”

These customers usually follow their vehicle after cleaning inside, he said.

Auto Options Details also specify ships, airplanes and motorbikes.

For airplanes, Selen has several certifications and takes classes on how to work well with aircraft, he said.

For ships, the Automatic Details are selected using a gel layer, he said. Selen has worked with water vehicles ranging from jet skiing to 40 foot boats.

Optional Automatic Details, 4654 Val Tech Road, open 8am – 6pm. Monday to Friday and with a Saturday appointment. For more information, contact (229) 454-0534.

Jason Smith is a reporter at The Valdosta Daily Times. He can be contacted at 229-244-3400 ext.1257.


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